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Darlene Kuncytes’ world of

Wolves, Vampires, Witches, Suspense and Romance.                

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Darlene Kuncytes’ world of

Wolves, Vampires, Witches, Suspense and Romance.                



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The Wolf Next Door
All it takes is a wish!

The Wolf Next Door

By Darlene Kuncytes

Ember Sloane hasn’t had an easy life. Loss always seems to be in the cards for her. After losing both her parents, her brother, the only one she has left in the world, unexplainably disappears. After a chance meeting in a small shop that Ember seems to be drawn to, a stranger gives her the opportunity to make a wish.


But, do wishes ever really come true?


Feeling as if she has nothing left to lose, she tosses her dreams into the fountain, not expecting anything good to happen. Bader Grant has had a favor called in. Not happy about it at all, he reluctantly agrees to do what he can, never expecting that said favor would be the striking Ember Sloane.


Now, as the sparks fly, and the heat builds, can Bade keep focused on the task at hand in order to help make Ember’s wish come true, or will they simply burst into flames as evil sets its eyes on her and gets ever closer to the woman he has promised to help.


From best-selling author Darlene Kuncytes comes this sexy, sinful and fiery romance that is sure to curl your toes and keep you wanting more! Part of the Anthology Novella Series – Make a wish and see what happens! The Wolf Next Door.

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 Let Me Hear You Howl!


Now available in E-book for ONLY $0.99! 

Some wishes you can't take back, and who'd want to? 



Darlene just gets better and better with every book that she writes. I am thrilled that she has jumped genres and tried her pen in the Romance Suspense category. In my opinion, I think you have found your niche.

Well Done !


I'll be Seeing You


May 9, 2015

If you want to fall in love, head over heels, with a fictional character, read this book, you'll love all of them. And the story? It's astonishingly clever, funny and suspenseful, smart and romantic. I didn't have one boring moment while reading this book


A Vampire's Saving Embrace


June 4, 2013

This story will pull you in from the very beginning and keep your fingers busy swiping to the next page on your kindle. It's complete and satisfying, and yet you'll want to know more about Camden and Victoria and where life leads them. 


Summer Sin

5 Star-Books I Love

August 1, 2016



Meet best-selling author Darlene Kuncytes! She's from Ohio – born and raised. 

She's a hard core coffee addict who has been told on more than one occasion that she is way too chipper in the mornings.

In her spare time she fosters and proudly foster fails puppy mill survivors and tries to educate others on this horrendous practice.

She has a wicked sense of humor and is known to giggle-snort at any given moment!

She's not afraid to sing in her car at the top of her lungs- not to mention, car dance at stop lights.


She loves meeting new people and will cry at the stupidest things. She is also very protective of the people she loves and trusts.

Her mentor, if she were forced to choose, would have to be Stephen King – she loves the way he writes his characters and how they become so very real. She loves character's that you would want to go out and have a cocktail with!

Darlene’s advice to all writers is to “NEVER give up and not be afraid to lean on other Authors – We are here to help! She also strongly believes that you need to write for yourself, as if you are writing just for you!

Her mantra is - "Love what you write and write what you love! Don’t worry about anything else!” Darlene’s favorite positive saying is “STAY STRONG”.


Darlene’s message to all of her fabulous readers --- "THANK YOU!!! Thank you for loving my characters as much as I do! Thank you for wanting to hear their stories! And, most of all - for wanting more! OMG!!! It means so very much to me when someone sends me a message telling me that they loved my books and can’t wait for the next one. That it made their heart race or that they laughed out loud. That is what means the most above all else, and that's what keeps me doing what I am doing!!”

She has three books in her Supernatural Desires Series :

Book 1 - “A Vampire’s Saving Embrace”

Book 2 - “A Wolf’s Savage Embrace”

Book 3  -“Marcus’ Mortal Embrace”.

She also has a romantic suspense thriller which she is so very proud to say was a 2016 RONE Finalist!!!  “I’ll Be Seeing You”.


She just finished releasing the last book in her short story series. The Anthology Novella Series... 

“A Witch’s Hearts Desire”, “Summer Sin”, "Wolf Bane" and "Magical Holiday Love"

These are stand alone, short paranormal romances for only .99 each! If you haven't figured it out yet...she hates cliffhangers!! LOL

She also has the 2018 RONE finalist Promised to a Dragon for ONLY .99!! Sexy dragon fun!

Wynter's Kiss part of the Stoking the Flames II is out in paperback!

You can click on the books above to get your copies!! Don't miss out!


Darlene is currently hard at work on Book 4 in The Supernatural Desire Series - Harper's Heavenly Embrace and she has another edge of your seat thriller nibbling at the recesses of her brain! 


And don't forget to grab your copy of Promised to a Dragon! Only .99!! Sexy ass romance!


Jul 31, 2021

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