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Paranormal Romances

Red Velvet Vampire

Lacy Cooper doesn’t think of herself as anything special. She's smart, funny, with good friends and a curvy body… it's just not the sort of body you’d expect to see strolling along Sunset Boulevard, but she is who she is, and she’s not the type to pretend to be model or movie star quality.  She works with movie stars.  Well, she works for a man who works with movie stars. Mostly the movie stars just walk by her.  That was until Jack Dupree…  The hottest man in Hollywood… And he stopped to talk to her! What’s a cupcake loving girl to do when faced with a pretty boy actor from Hollywood? Run for the red velvet is what! Lacy’s never been star-struck before, but when the movie hero insists on taking her to dinner, she can’t help but stumble over her words and her insecurities even as she says yes.  Can she let go of her past long enough to reach for her future?  Will she be left nursing missed opportunities over a couple dozen cupcakes? Or will the secret that Jack hides, end her sweet tooth forever?

Red Velvet Vampire Darlene EBOOK 0113201

Promised to a Dragon

When the only child of a Fey King is informed that she must marry the son of the leader of a group of Dragon Shifters in order to quell an ages long animosity between the two groups, she is not all. 

Beautiful, independent and stubborn to a fault, this Half Fey/Half Human is fit to be tied. 

Not to mention that she absolutely despises Dragons to her very core! 

They are arrogant, brash and about as dumb as a box of rocks! 

Bounty hunter Ryland Manchester left his fold long ago. The youngest son of the Dragon leader, he just wanted a carefree life away from all of the shifter traditions - and the life of a hunter suits him just fine!

Having to attend and stand witness at his older half-brother's bonding ceremony was the last thing he wanted…Meeting the exquisitely beautiful bride-to-be turns out to be the very last thing he needed.Stunning beyond words...amusing as Hell - yet utterly exasperating, Evangeline Meadows knocks this force of nature right on his ass in a most unexpected way. 

Will he be able to resist this Fairy Princess's charms long enough to do his duty and move on? Back to the life he loves… Or, will the pull he feels towards this fiery little vixen destroy his family and hers?

Tropical Leaves
Darlene Kuncytes.jpg

Wynter's Kiss

Wynter Clarke has been on her own for most of her life; having a hippie for a mother can do that to a girl, but she hasn't let that keep her down. If no one was going to tell her what it meant to be an earth witch, then she was darn well going to figure it out for herself, and so far she's been doing just fine! 
Except for being unable to make her spells work all the time, not to mention the indecipherable spell book that she's learning from, and the wolf-shifter who wont leave her alone...but otherwise, she's fine. 

Maddox Westbrook, on the other hand, knows exactly what it means to be a dragon. He was born to it, and he has enjoyed the power of his second form, and the power that's evoked in all the women he's had the pleasure of sharing company with. Until his mother and the clan seeress say it's time to settle down. The only thing to do then is to escape to his cabin and hope their prophecy doesn't come true. 


When Wynter decides to go for a hike in the woods, she never expects to fall head-over-heels, literally, for the dragon who comes to rescue her from her near death experience. Only problem is, she can't quite remember who she is, or why she was in the woods in the first place. But helping her to figure it all out seems like the right thing to do for Mads, and the little witch's otherworldly beauty doesn't hurt either. 


But there's a wolf-moon on the rise, and if Wynter can't remember who she is in time, it just might mean the end of the silver dragon flying high. 


Can Maddox help his earth witch find her true power in the face of her deadly admirer, or will they part after sharing Wynter's Kiss?

Dark Song

Melody Graham was living a Charmed Life.
Or, at least, she thought she was.
She was finally living her dream: away from home, her days spent doing what fed her soul, playing her violin at the school she’d always wanted to attend...Julliard.
Everything she ever wanted, and she took it all for granted.
When an accident changes all she thought she knew, her world is shattered.
For the first time, Melody has to learn to stand on her own, though an unexpected inheritance just may be her salvation…Dominic Caldwell enjoys his solitude.
Alone in a world of his own making, he’s shocked to find someone invading his world.
Music breaks through the silence of his shadowed existence, drifting over the night air, drawing him towards a cottage left deserted, and the woman who has come to reclaim it.
It is all he can do not to kneel at her feet, the virtuoso's haunting melody rocking him to his core. A core he cannot afford to be shaken or torn from his self-enforced exile.
No, there's only one thing he can do: Force her to leave.
But her song steals the will from him, or is it that her music has the power to heal even the most tired of souls?
A breath in the moonlight, a sonata on the wind. All you have to do is fall in love with this: Dark Song


The Mermaid's Kiss

Marissa never really felt a part of her people. She loved her ocean home, but always longed for…something more.When she happens to fall upon a group a rogue Mermen viciously beating a landwalker – her pure heart kicks in and she goes against the merpeople’s beliefs, and intervenes. She never could have expected the force of nature she decides to help.Chase Bastaine is a formidable leader of his dragon clan.He has been searching for this very group, and the fact that they actually got the jump on him, puts the Dragon leader in a foul mood.Unfortunately, Marissa is the one who is unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of his anger. Can this mermaid tame this dragon long enough to help him find the men he is searching for? Or will they drown in the emotions that are bubbling up around them?Hold your breath and dive into passion and fun!

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