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It's Friday!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Can you believe that it's March already?!?! Spring is just around the corner!! are the Dragons!!!!!

Yup! In just 25 days the Dragon's will arrive!! Make sure to pre-order your copy today!! I'm telling you...this set is going to be incredible! It has it ALL!! Romance! Fantasy! Fairytales! It is sure to knock your knickers off!! LOL

AMAZON: AMAZON UK: AMAZON CA: AMAZON AU: Kobo:…/stoking-the-flames-13-tales-of-drago… iBooks: B&N:


Make sure to check out my Facebook page too this weekend. I feel the need to have a fun little giveaway!!! hee hee

I am still hard at work on Harper. She is coming along! YAY!

I want to thank you ALL so much for your continued support! I know you have been waiting patiently for Harper while life seemed to get in the way, but I promise you - she is my focus!

Ok! Enjoy the weekend everyone! Do something special for yourself! Even if it's just a little treat! Bring that smile to your face and know that you are loved!

Love and kisses!


Love you!!!!!

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